Top 5 University in the World

Top 5 University in the World
Top 5 University in the World

Here, are the list of Top 5 University in the World. This is the highest rating University. What are the top 5 universities in the world?

5.California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a research university, situated in Pasadena, California (United States). It was founded in 1891 by a local businessman and politician Amos G Throop. In earlier times it was a school which was known as Throop University, Throop Polytechnic Institute, and Throop College of Technology. It has become the California Institute of Technology in 1920.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The campus of the Caltech is about 124 acres large and is located in Pasadena, California on about 18 kilometers northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

The Institute is divided into six primary academic division:-

  1. Biology and Biological Engineering
  2. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  3. Engineering and Applied Science
  4. Geological and Planetary Sciences
  5. Humanities and Social Sciences
  6. Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy

Caltech provides 24 Major options and six minor options across above all six academic programs. Caltech also provides interdisciplinary programs in Applied Physics, Bio-engineering, Computation, and Neural Systems, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biochemistry, Geo-biology and Astrobiology, Geochemistry, Control, and Dynamical Systems, and Planetary Astronomy. 

The graduate instructional programs accentuate doctoral studies. Those are conquered by science, engineering, mathematics, and technology fields. The Institute provides a graduate degree for the Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, BS/MS, Engineer’s Degree, and MD/Ph.D.

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Notable alumni of Caltech include

  • Carl David Anderson
  • Douglas D. Osheroff
  • William Shockley
  • QianXuesen
  • Benoit Mandelbrot
  • France A. Cordova

4. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a research university. It is situated in Oxford England. The legal name of this university is “Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford”. But in short, people know it as “The University of Oxford” or “Oxford University”. Oxford University has no known foundation date. However, there is evidence of teaching over here in the year 1096, which makes it the oldest university in the world of English Speaking.

University of Oxford

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is made up of the following:

  • (A) 39 constituent colleges,
  • (B) 6 permanent private halls, and
  • (C) a range of academic divisions which are structured into 4 divisions. 

Oxford University does not have its main campus, and its buildings and other facilities are disseminated throughout the city. Undergraduate teaching at Oxford University is organized around weekly classes at the halls and colleges, supported by lectures, classes, laboratory work, and seminars delivered by university faculties and departments. It operates the oldest university museum in the world, in addition to that the largest university press in the world is also operating by Oxford University and the largest academic library nationwide.

To be a student or a member of the university, students and most academic staff, must also be a student or member of a college or hall. There are 39 colleges of Oxford University and 6 permanent private halls, each college and hall are controlling its membership and its own structure. However not all colleges teach all courses, but they commonly cover a broad range of subjects.

The list of the colleges is given as follows:

All-Souls College Balliol College Brasenose College Christ Church
Corpus-Christi College Exeter College Green-Templeton College Harris-Manchester College
Hertford College Jesus College Keble College Kellogg College
Lady-Margaret-Hall Linacre College Lincoln College Magdalen College
Mansfield College Merton College New College Nuffield College
Oriel College Parks College Pembroke College Queens College
Somerville College Ste-Anne’s College St-Antony’s College St-Catherines College
St-Cross College St-Edmund-Hall College St-Hilda’s College St-Hughs College
St-John’s College St-Peters College Trinity College University College
Wadham College Wolfson College Worcester College

Blackfriars HallThe list of Permanent Private Hall is as follows:-

  1. Campion Hall
  2. Regent’s Park College
  3. St Benet’s Hall
  4. St Stephen’s House
  5. Wycliffe Hall

Notable alumni of Oxford University include:

Boris Johnson Indira Gandhi
Bill Clinton Elena Kagan
Stephen Wolfram R.R. Tolkien
Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) Thomas Hobbes
Imran Khan Gertrude Bell

3.Harvard University

Harvard University is a research university where more than 6800 graduate and 14000 postgraduates are studying. It was established in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States). The campus of Harvard University is about 209 acres large.

Harvard University

Harvard University

Harvard is administrated by a mixture of its “Board of Overseers” and the “President and Fellows of Harvard College”, which in turn hires the President of Harvard University. There are about 16,000 faculties and staff which include 2,400 lecturers, professors, and instructors.

Harvard is an institutional member of the Association of American Universities and remains a foremost research university with its research activity and ample doctoral programs in the field of arts, engineering, medicine, and sciences.

Notable alumni of Harvard University include:

John Adams George W. Bush
Bill Gates Ban Ki-moon
Michelle Obama Barack Obama
Mark Zuckerberg

2.Stanford University

Stanford University is a research university situated at Stanford, California (United States). The official name of the Stanford University is “Leland Stanford Junior University” Stanford University was established in 1885.

The campus of Stanford University is about 8180 acres large, which is the largest campus in the United States of America.

Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University is a non-profit university that is managed as a trust governed by an appointed board of trustees with a maximum membership of 38. Trustees work 5-year terms (not more than 2 successive terms) and meet 5 times in a year. The trustees also supervise the Stanford Shopping Center, Stanford University Medical Center, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford Research Park, and many associated medical facilities.

The university is structured in 7 schools, out of that 3 schools consisting of 40 academic divisions at the undergraduate level as well as 4 professional schools that focus on graduate programs in medicine, law, business, and education.

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Following are the discoveries of Stanford University in the field of Natural Science

  • Biological synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)
  • First Transgenic organism
  • Laser
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance

Following are the discoveries of Stanford University in the field of Computer Science

ARPANET Internet Frequency modulation synthesis
Google Klystron tube RISC – ARPA
SUN workstation

Herbert HooverNotable alumni of Stanford University include:

  • Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Peter Thiel

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (United States). Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1859 by Rogers (a professor from the University of Virginia).

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is about 166 acres large.

Following are the discoveries of Stanford University in the field of Natural Science

  • Oncogene
  • Reverse transcription
  • Thermal death time

Following are the discoveries of Stanford University in the field of Computer Science

Akamai Technologies Cryptography
Digital circuits Electronic ink
Emacs (text editor) Flight recorder (black box)
. GNU Project Lisp (programming language)
Lithium-ion battery efficiencies MIT OpenCourseWare

Notable alumni of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) include:

  • Buzz Aldrin
  • Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Mike Massimino
  • Tom Scholz
  • Alfred P. Sloan

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