Top 5 most Profitable Business

Top 5 most Profitable Business

In this article, we shall discuss about businesses having more profit potential, and which can be setup by a small entrepreneur or mid cap business houses. Start your own business out of top 5 most Profitable Business.

Accounting and Book Keeping Service

As one of the key businesses supporting almost every individual, corporation and enterprise, accounting services are in great demand and customers are willing to pay more. Services that include in this category are business outsourcing, personal financial planning, bookings and tax return preparation etc., this dynamic sector offers significant prospect. To start this business no overhead costs are required for office, software, employee and system.

The average profit may vary from 25% to 35%. A worldwide requirement of accounting and bookkeeping services remains a steadily positive industry for business development. However, the hurdles to entrance in accounting are significantly high.

Accounting and Book Keeping Service

Therefore,  whenever you want to start Accounting and Book Keeping Service out of top 5 most Profitable Business, there are many benefits you will get. some of  the benefits are as follow.

  • There is a clear path for our career.
  • This field is established and developing.
  • We all have the potential for future professional growth.
  • Earning potential in this field is also favorable.
  • We can work at anywhere we want.
  • There is a potential to become an entrepreneur.

At the same time, there are also some cons while starting a Accounting and Book Keeping Service which are taken into mind.

  • The education is continues.
  • This field isn’t seen as glamorous.
  • This job is busy every time, i.e. no time to rest is available.
  • This work may be stressful.

Thus, if you want to know more about the Accounting and Book Keeping Service, then visit TaxIndia and TaxBrainly. Where, you get details information about the Account, Tax and finance.

Legal Advisory Services

The legal industry is essential to a wide range of personal and professional sectors, supporting individuals and businesses alike. Sooner or later, almost everyone will need a legal advisor, as law is not a field in which an incompetent can practice.

Many law firms, like accounting services, can offer a variety of skills, like business law, criminal law, family law, trusts and estate, intellectual property law, etc. Due to the connections between accounting and law in terms of worldwide requirement, it’s no astonishment that the average net profit may range from 20% to 25%. However, like accounting, the obstruction to entry in law is tremendously high.

Legal Advisory Services

Following the some advantage will you get while starting Legal Advisory Services.

  • There are number of career option available.
  • We can operate our own business as a lawyer.
  • Financial rewards may be earned by the work of attorney.
  • We can also get job at a place where arguing and debate takes the center stage like media house.
  • Generally attorneys are working in a confident environment.
  • Lots of flexibility are available in our daily schedule.
  • We can also learn skills that can transfer our career at a new destination.

In every business,  There are some disadvantage you need to face. thus, in Legal Advisory Profession   also have some barriers. which you need to resolve to earn more profit.

  • This work may be stressful.
  • We may have to work for long hours.
  • Cost of education to attend law school is high.
  • Clients pay less as there are many alternatives are available like law websites.
  • We cannot pick or choose our client as per our expectations.

Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Offering both reasonable and extravagance housing options across the country, the Real Estate Market has grown considerably since 2009. This is especially true in the leasing market, as the optimistic generation does not buy homes at the same rate as the previous generation.

In fact, there are higher rents today than at any time since 1970, presenting a bullish market without signs of slowing down. While buying a home over thousands of years may not be at the level of past generations, buying and selling real estate is not without potential. Sooner or later, most people will need to buy a home or business property, placing you in a position to make a profit. Profit margin may range from 15% to 20%.

Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Real Estate Sales and Leasing  is one of the most profitable  business to need start  out of  the top 5 most Profitable Businesses. Following are the benefits you will get while starting the Real Estate Business.

  • Real estate industry increases in value overtime.
  • There are many governments who gives tax benefits for real estate industry.
  • This industry is also providing steady cash flow.
  • Real estate allows us to use leverage.
  • Real estate builds equity.
  • Real estate gives us control over investment success than other investment opportunity.
  • Real estate provides a hedging potential against inflation.

Adverse Situation of the Real Estate Sales and Leasing business are as follows;

  • Investing in real estate isn’t mean that “Get Rich Quickly” endeavor is required.
  • Real estate requires heavy investment.
  • Real estate takes a lot of time to give back profit.
  • Real estate can be difficult in terms of legal proceedings.
  • Benefits in real estate is not sure always, there may be loss sometimes.
  • Investment in real estate has its own unique risk.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructors

Over the last few decades, the demand for good fitness teachers has only augmented, especially as the boutique gym has taken over the market. Athletic centers now controls every major metro area, with a mix of specialty centers such as the gym and cross fit bikes. When fitness trends come and go, the need for educated teachers and instructors remains constant. Profit margin may range from 15% to 20%.

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructors

Benefits of starting the business regards the Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructors.

  • We can get work satisfaction when client achieves his target of health living.
  • Training can be given in a variety of ways, like through skype, physical presence.
  • If we have good roster of clients, we can charge more fees.
  • All people appreciates trainers.

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Problems are you will face in the fitness industry as below.

  • There is no fixed hours for which we have to work.
  • When our client don’t follow our instructions, we may get frustrated.
  • Some clients may be rude who are not following our instructions and get anger when they are compelled to do exercise.
  • Cost of instruments may be very high.

Warehouse and Storage

Storage facilities are required everywhere and can be very attractive even in big cities. Both residential customers are offered profitable business opportunities as they assist in self-storage format or companies are unable to buy their own warehouse spaces, having enough space to store goods and assets. Warehouse companies are capable to turn building ownership into a profitable business. While initial costs can be very high even if the warehouse is in rural areas. Warehouse spaces are infrequently cheap. The profit margin may range from 10% to 15%.

Warehouse and Storage

Pros of the Warehouse and Storage Industry.

  • This type of business is highly demanding, as warehousing of goods cannot stop.
  • There is no area restriction, it can be operated in rural or urban area.
  • Some governments are also giving tax benefits or subsidies to promote warehousing services.
  • There is a choice available with respect to special goods storage or general goods storage.

Cons of the Warehouse and Storage Business.

  • Cost of starting warehouse business is significantly high.
  • Cost of security and maintenance is also high in warehouse business.

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