Top 5 Low Investment Business Ideas

In this article, we shall discuss about businesses that totally based on skill and expertise having more profit potential with low investment, which can be setup by a small entrepreneur. Start your own business out of Top 5 Low Investment Business Ideas.

Business plan is very important at the time of initial stage of starting a business. At the same time we are required to discus about selection of Location business Place, Comparable Competitive Price, Marketing and Advertising. In this article, we shall discuss about businesses that totally based on skill and expertise having more profit potential with low investment

1.Travel Agency

The Travel agency is cover under Services sector that represent tourism related services like package tour, railways, airline, seaways and hotels etc., The travel agency is one of the lowest investment start-up businesses in nowadays.

Reservation and Distribution of ticket is the most important Function of the travel agency. Here it is important to note that for a travel agency worker to have extreme knowledge about air travel in the worldwide as well as nationwide like Booking Method, Class of travel, Special Customers, Passport -visas, Travel Directories and Hotel Guides, etc.,

Travel Agency

If you want to start a Travel agency then another Important Function is a management task. Travel agent poses skill about not only managing to schedule but also in processing effectively. Gathering the knowledge of similar industries likes Whether Condition, Custom and Culture, Main Attraction, Money Exchange Rate, Lodging Facilities, Travelling Rules and Regulation of Different countries.

2. Mobile Recharge Shop

The Mobile Recharges Shop is also cover under Services sector and If you want to start you own mobile Recharges Shop, you have to remember details about the location of the Shop(This business can also be started at home), start-up Cost, types of equipment (Computer or Smart Phone with Internet Connectivity and Smart Application) required, Marketing and Advertising with established Infrastructure. if you have money Problem then choose a lender which provides minimal eligibility and documentation.

Mobile Recharge Shop

It’s quite difficult to establish a customer based for this business, you have to spend more money on marketing and advertisement.

3. Beauty Salon

Whether you are Expert Train Beautician and if you desire to start own Beauty salons then we are here providing exceptional knowledge about it. Beauty salons are the most profitable capture business that can be started with low investment and plenty of perks. Normally Peoples are not understood the word Beauty Salon, There is the difference between Beauty Salon and Beauty parlour. Beauty parlour is a business of basic services with limited staff whereas beauty salon is middle size enterprise with a variety of services like selling beauty Products and skincare products etc.,

Beauty Salon

Procedure of opening a Beauty Salon Business

  • You have to Registered your business with local government. Choose a Catchy Name and Select your Business legal Structure.
  • Obtain a licence and permit by the competent authority.
  • Analyse the Growth potential for beauty salon
  • You have to require such location that captured local Market.
  • Set up a Wet Station
  • Focus on Your Customer and Think about Your client based
  • Provide Extra Services with Competitive Price
  • Purchase Highly Rated Equipment
  • Social Media Platform (Set up Website is preferred)

Following are the points to keep in mind while Improving your Beauty Salon

1. Beautician Training and Expertise
2. Business Planning
3. Shop Design
4. Furniture and Equipment
5. Supply link of Beauty Product
6. Marketing Tips
7. You can also go Online Business
8. Extra Services relating to Beauty Parlour

4. Photography

The Photography business is growing rapidly day by day. if you are passionate about photography then the best opportunity for you to start your own business as a photographer. Photography is the expensive business required some expensive equipment like a Camera Tripod, Remote Shutter Release, Prime Lens, photography Lighting Equipment and External Flash Unit, SD Memory Card, Camera Cleaning Kit, Camera Strap and Photography Studio Equipment etc., There are many types of photography like Food Photography, Nature Photography, Portrait Photography, Mobile Photography, Travel Photography and Wedding Photography.


Following points are keep in mind while starting a business as Photography

1. Write a business plan: Staring point wedding and event photographer required business plan for Initial Phase, Growth Phase and at Maturity Phase. You are required to analyse start-up cost around 3 to 5 Lakhs.

2. Online Business Planning: Invest your knowledge in online website to grow your business. The key matter to go online are

  • Set up a killer website for your business
  • Create Your brand
  • Social platform for Marketing
  • Keep learning to Update Online
  • Enhance the Online Market

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3.Get Expertise Knowledge: Expertise Photography skill and attribute required for the growth of your business. You should get professional Experience. Cope with changes in photography skill so new potential client can see your current work.
4.Come up with Package: Keep your Price Comparative with another business package to capture the mature market.
5.Analyse the Customers Need: As being Good Photographer you have to analyse the customer need, expectation and Contracts or agreement with theirs.
6.Create Network Chain For Your Business: You do not become a famous photographer until you are not known to the public so join the group, meeting, seminar and another platform to meet the new people and expand your market.

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5. Event Management

I believe you want to start your Event Management Company, in that case Firstly and foremost you have to make sure that about it. Event Management Business Growing faster than the last decade. As per the Economic times, it has been observed that the event industries growing at a compound annual growth rate(CAGR) of 15% and it expected to increases 16% to 20%(CAGR) in next ten years. (Due to Corona pandemic this figure might be change).

Event Management is wider concepts as compare to other management company in the terms of event planning, facilities and Coordination. Event Planner is only responsible for the event success and failure. it is important to remember that many clients are not offering the venue for event, in that case event planners responsibilities to arrange the same. Event Planner required to have a good communication skill and poses certain qualities such as tact, caution, firmness, Judgement, prudence and reliability etc.,

Event Organizing

The Key areas to Concentrate on Event Management by Event Planner.

  • Build Solid Planning
  • Secured Start-up capital
  • Focus on Main Supplier
  • Effective Linkage between Staff and Event Schedule
  • Create Alternative Event Plan
  • Analyse the area to go Business process Automation
  • Use online social media to Promote the Main event

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