Love Lake Dubai | Best Place to Visit in Dubai for a Couple.

Love Lake Dubai Best Place to Visit in Dubai for a Couple-Top5World

Here, in this Travel Blog, we provide the full information about Mysterious Love Lake is the Best Place to Visit in Dubai for a Couple.

Love Lake Dubai

Mysterious Love Lakes Spotted Near Al Qudra In Dubai. When you go to Dubai for a picnic with Family or Friends, must Visit the “Mysterious Love Lakes”. Because Love Lake is the Best Place to Visit in Dubai for a Couple for photography.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, has revealed new interconnected heart-shaped lakes in the middle of a desert. When we say the sky’s the limit for Dubai, we really mean it. With man-made islands to getting seawater passing through the city, Dubai is known for making impossible things possible.

Similarly, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai recently revealed on Instagram two man-made lakes in the shape of intertwining hearts in between of a dessert. So the next time you visit a desert and see a love-shaped river don’t be shocked. If that was not big enough then, there are trees planted beside the lake to spell out the word ‘love’. The heart shape lake is near Al Qudra lakes and is even visible on Google Maps.

Firstly, welcome to you by the park is the large wooden carving at the entrance. Love is here described by the top of the trees, on the stones and walls and even in the water, Love Lake in Dubai is also known as AI Qudra oasis in Dubai.

It is open to the public throughout the day on all days of the week. The Lake is open 24 hours and it’s free of cost.

Best Place to Visit in Dubai for a Couple- Top5World

Perfect Place for a Couple

Love Lake is the World’s only Man-Made Heart Shaped Lake. Located at AL Qudra and the Lake is in the shape of Two Gigantic Hearts. which melt your heart for Best Place to Visit in Dubai for a Couple.

Looking for a perfect date Spot or just want to chill with your friends, then this is the place to be! Just get your cup of coffee and chill.

Feeling Romantic? Take bae to a massive lake in the middle of a desert. The lake is so huge it can be view on the goggle map.

Trees are planted in such way that iy spells out the word “LOVE”.

Dubai Love Lake-Top5World

Choose a nice spot in the Park and enjoy a family picnic. You can choose a nice spot for your picnic with the family and friends. In this fenced area called “Hadirah”. And guess what? You can do barbeque as well.

Amenities like taps that provide clean water and washrooms are available. So, this actually looks like a bark, but it isn’t. it is a washbasin with clean water.

Enjoy Snapping perfect couple pictures at the love wall. Looking for a perfect picture spot with your bae, you and your bae is Love!

Dubai Love Lake Photography Place for Couple-Top5World

Go jogging  on a running track that glows  in the dark. You can even walk down the lane.  

Here, are the some best photography of Love Lake which is really a awesome.

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